Accessibility & Diversity Working Group

Accessibility & Diversity Working Group

The Accessibility & Diversity Working Group was formed following a resolution at BSHM Council on 25th March 2021, and aims to make the BSHM more accessible and diverse.

Guiding principles 

  • Making BSHM open, welcoming space
  • Proactively including people
  • Bravely pushing a forward-thinking agenda
  • Acknowledging different concerns for events, membership, and publications
  • Countering a white, eurocentric model of mathematics 
  • Embedding A&D in everything we do


The ADWG comprises: 

  • Troy Kaighin Astarte (chair)
  • Isobel Falconer
  • Tony Mann (secretary)
  • Holly Middleton-Spencer
  • Sue Pope


If you have a concern or query about accessibility & diversity, please get in touch with us at This will go to the chair of the group. If you have a concern about the chair, please get in touch with the BSHM secretary.

We are always interested in the possibility of new recruits and we especially welcome recruits from ethnic minority backgrounds. If you are interested, and are a BSHM member, please get in touch via the ADWG email address above.